Friends At Play

Meredith Russell

A few weeks I had two best friends hanging out in my studio with me. While it was a bit crowded, the three of us had good fun and got a chance to create and experiment with acrylic paint and resin. 

Lucian pouring resin

My son, Lucian, paints with me on a pretty regular basis. However, last year we taught a few of his friends from Cub Scouts how to experiment with fluid painting as well. His best friend, Christian, absolutely fell in love with the process and has been begging to paint with us. 

Christian pouring resin

They got so good at painting that we moved on to resin coasters and figurines, where they were able to experiment even more. Since they were having so much fun being creative and making things, we decided to enter them in a market specifically for kids.

I found the Kids Maker Market being hosted at the Tacoma Art Museum by Handmade PNW Events and signed the boys up for a half table each. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of their big debut. The event was a hit and the boys took home about $100 total over the 3 hour event. 

We can’t wait for next year!

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