Craft Theory: Our Vision and Mission

Meredith Russell

Here at Craft Theory we have some big goals. Our vision to impact Lakewood and the surrounding areas is a great big scary goal, but we (I) believe that we can make it there if we all work to support each other.

Meredith, owner of Craft Theory

So what is that Vision?

Well, I want to break generational cycles of poverty by providing a space with access to support, resources, and opportunities for those in single income households.

See, I told you it’s a big, hairy, scary goal. It feels weird even saying it out loud. Like who am I to say I’m going to break generational cycles of poverty. But, I believe by focusing on local businesses, creating opportunities for our youth, and sharing resources throughout our community we CAN achieve this goal. 

The mission of Craft Theory is how we’ll work towards achieving our vision and impacting the future of Lakewood. So what’s the mission?

Meredith, owner of Craft Theory, teaches a small childTo achieve my vision I am going to provide a safe location for families and individuals to experience art and access resources, host educational opportunities for those in need, and generate community support form local citizens, businesses, and municipalities. The space will also function as a community gathering location for arts, creativity, and experimentation.

Wow, even the mission of Craft Theory is a doozy. Do I have a space right now? Nope. But I can share resources online and I will have a physical space in the future. 

I believe that art is integral to a happy and healthy community. Providing a space with access to art as well as other resources for those in poverty is what I feel I’m called to do. The support of other local citizens and businesses is also important so we’ll work consistently to build those relationships. There will be classes and resources provided at low to no cost for our most vulnerable community members. We’ll support these activities through retail sales and art classes using both in-house and guest teachers.

Two students at a Craft Theory classSo I guess the answer is yes. Yes we have some great big goals for both the business and the Lakewood community. But also yes, I truly believe we have the power to impact our community in this generation and beyond. 

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  • I love and support your organizations vision. I’m all in for art and creativity. I taught myself how to crichet 25 years ago and have continued to teach many over the years at our local ysrn shops. I am also a self taught photographer i do photography and teach ithers how to get the most out if their cameras, including cellphone photography, its amazing what we can do with our cellphone cameras. If your organization would like a couple big 5×7 print to incorporatebin your space i would be happy to privide you so with those as a donation to your art community.

    Felicia Jones

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