Art Therapy Course Review

Meredith Russell

I recently completed a Therapeutic Art Life Coach course on Udemy and I thought I’d write about how I felt about the course. I decided to take the course because I felt it would help me connect with students in future classes and with healing and moving forward my community in Lakewood. 

Most of the class was great, there was one instructor I wasn’t super fond of, but it was more her teaching and speaking style than what she was saying. I just didn’t feel like I connected with her even though she was sharing valuable information. That was about the only negative I found when taking this class, unless you count being uncomfortable a negative. There are apparently still some feelings and thoughts that I need to process.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t enjoy last minute changes or ideas. I need to feel a sense of control and one of the ways I do this is through planning EVERYTHING. I am also not great about talking about my feelings (as my poor boyfriend is very much aware of). In taking this class and learning about the different ways to help potential clients work through limiting beliefs and move forward in their lives we had to do the exercises ourselves. That was UNCOMFORTABLE as all get out for me. But, it definitely showed that I have some thoughts and beliefs that I need to continue working on.

Aside from my uncomfortableness, I thought the instructors did a great job of providing resources and tools to use with ourselves and with future clients. There were downloadable printables and reference sheets as well as the video instruction on how to use the information and conduct different types of manifestation, visualization, affirmation, and relaxation art. 

I wouldn’t recommend this course for everyone just because it focuses on how to work through these activities with clients. However, the same instructors have another course that is meant for individuals who would like to learn how to use art therapy to retrain their mind on limiting beliefs and manifest positive intentions into their lives. This course is also offered on Udemy, and while I haven’t completed that one, I would imagine the instructors have the same level of professionalism and resource sharing as they do on the course I took. 

Look for upcoming classes on how to change your limiting beliefs and manifest success in your life as COVID-19 restrictions ease in Pierce County. I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you and continue moving our community forward into a place of growth and peace. 


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  • Pls clarify who provided course. Udemy or another site. You mention Udemy at beginning and end of article but I’m not sure you’re referring to same course. Thank you Thank you. No need to publish.


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