7 Reasons Art is So Important

Meredith Russell

There are so many reasons why art is important to humans, but what is art? Art can be so many things to different people and is defined by each person's perception. As a general rule, art is any form of creation that evokes emotion or movement within a human individual. It can be abstract or a form of realism, or somewhere in between. The greatest importance of art is borne from the very act of using creativity to make art. 

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Art has long been defined by a set of rules, especially during the Classical and Renaissance periods in major European regions. These rules distinguished artists from craftsmen in an academic sense. While art still has many academic rules and distinctions, creativity itself has become more popular of late. These 7 reasons why art is so important could have something to do with this resurgence. 


1. Art crosses all divides. Both auditory and visual works of art can create emotional responses in people of all types. Visual works in particular are easily understood by people of all types of social, cultural, and political backgrounds. Viewers do not even need to speak the same language as the artist to observe and feel the thoughts and emotions in visual art pieces.
2. Art is good for you. Music and art therapy have long been used to battle depression, anxiety, and ptsd. Whether you’re performing or consuming the art it can be a cathartic experience. We also find that beautifying our surroundings helps to alleviate stress and improve physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.
3. Art promotes self expression and self awareness. Humans are naturally artistic and creative. We use our creativity every day whether we are aware of it or not. From getting dressed in the morning, to decorating our homes and spaces, to cooking and creating a new recipe.
4. Art assists with the recording of history. Cave markings and ancient artifacts like pottery and jewelry are essential in helping historians learn about prehistoric times. Without these artistic endeavors, little would be known about our history. Even the written works of artists like Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and Edgar Allen Poe share signs of the times in which they were written.  
5. Art helps us develop necessary soft skills. Did you know that being creative in your personal time can actually help you work better? Intangible soft skills are hard to measure and difficult to define. However things like ability to adapt to change, think creatively, and collaborate with coworkers and team members are very important skills. These traits are all enhanced by having creative and artistic pursuits.
6. Art gives us a place to gather as a community. From galleries and museums to music and theater in the park, art provides an opportunity for people of all walks of life to come together in one place. In fact, several case studies have shown that art in communities can actually help to boost economic growth. Art in society and communities is also an important part of tourism which can lead to jobs, revenue, and other areas of economic growth.
7. Art helps with problem solving. Learning how to visually present complex concepts and emotions and expanding critical thinking are both benefits of creating art. Participation in the arts has been connected to higher success levels in math, science, and literature. Art promotes and develops motor skills, language skills, and social skills in people of all ages. So keep encouraging those toddlers to play with their food and draw on the walls!
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We live our daily lives surrounded by art and creativity without really giving it a second thought. The music we listen to, the way we organize our spaces and surroundings, the way we dress, the car we buy, even the phone we use are all forms of self expression and include use and appreciation of art and design. Art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand the world regardless of whether we are actively creating it or just consuming it. 

If you’re ready to start creating and feel some of these important benefits we encourage you to grab a pen and paper and start doodling. If you want a more focused project with instructions head to our list of DIY kits!


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  • Art is important to me because it brings me joy and joy to others that I share it with. I enjoy gifting hand made gifts.

    Art evokes feelings albeit his and/or bad. Art is in the eye of the beholder. Art provides me with a sense of security, after a longs days work i can lose myself in my crafts. When i create things it brings me joy. Art allows me to share a piece of me with others. Im an introvert so most times in fairly quiet and it is through my photography that others sre able to see what catches my eye. Art has provided me a with a sense of community. Art at Craft Theorylakewood has further expsnded my community and allowed me learn new skills.
    I’ve taught crochet at seversl yarn shops, the Boys and Girls club and, places that I’ve worked, i seeing others learn a new skill and continue to grow and create
    beautiful things.

    Felicia Jones

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