10 Ways To Use Extra Yarn

Meredith Russell

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We’ve been getting bunches of donations at Craft Theory recently which is really exciting! It helps us keep our costs down, and in turn pass those savings onto our customers. We recently received a whole tote full of yarn, and so I went searching on every crafters favorite platform (ahem… Pinterest) to come up with some creative ways to use extra yarn. 

Since there wasn’t multiple skeins of the same colors it’s not a great candidate for a full project like a sweater or blanket. I also wanted to look for projects that didn’t involve crochet or knitting since those require a lot more learning to create your first project. 

So… here are my top 10 ways to use extra yarn after searching the inter-webs for all the crafty things!

Macrame Wall Hanging using fall/winter colors
  1. This super cute mix of macrame and yarn wall hanging! We actually have a class coming up in November where you can make your very own. Check out the schedule to reserve your time!
  2. Make pompoms or tassels. This pompom maker is super easy to use and includes a wide assortment of sizes. Tassels are also quite easy to make and don’t require any fancy tools - just something to help you get the yarn all the same length like a piece of cardboard or a book. Here’s a link to some instructions if you’d like more pictures.Green and coral bangles made with yarn
  3. Create your own jewelry! Extra yarn can be turned into friendship bracelets or these cute bangles from My Poppet Makes. We have friendship bracelet kits at Craft Theory if you’ve never made them before. The kit comes with instructions and a link to a Youtube video so you can see each step. Once you learn the steps, it’s easy to replace with larger yarn instead of the embroidery floss.
  4. Make a God’s Eye weaving. These are very simple crafts that kids can make themselves. By changing the colors every so often you get all sorts of different patterns and looks. Great for hanging in a window or using as Christmas tree decorations. Plus, make them as big or as small as you want by using different size dowels. Want a more natural look? Use small tree branches instead of dowels.
    yarn on cards says joy, love, and peace
  5. Use your extra yarn to embellish cards. This cute tutorial from A Pretty Fix shows how to make several different cards. This would also be a fun way to add more texture to a quilled project! New to quilling? Check out the DIY kits or a class at Craft Theory for some fun beginner projects. Green Christmas tree and red heart made with yarn
  6. Here’s another one for the kiddos - Christmas ornaments! This is definitely a more messy craft as you dip the yarn into the glue first, but they turned out so cute. Check out One Little Project for all the instructions and plenty of pictures.
  7. Make yarn wrapped vases. This is a great project for anyone who says they aren’t creative or crafty. All you need is a bottle or vase that you’d like to upcycle, some yarn, and either a glue gun or mod podge. Wrap the bottle or vase in the string making sure to glue it tightly down so it doesn’t come unravelled. Change colors to create stripes and other designs. Match your house colors or choose something completely different for a little pop! 5 woven wall hangings with tassels
  8. Learn to weave! Weaving is a great way to use up all that extra yarn, and it works especially well if you have lots of different sizes and textures of yarn. They work together to create a one-of-a-kind weaving that you’ll be proud to display. Learn to make your own weaving loom with Art Bar Blog or purchase a pre-made loom. This is also a great activity for kids as you can mix as many colors as you want. Plus it’s great as a dexterity exercise. Two yarn coasters with blue cup
  9. Keep your drink warm and your coffee table safe with these no-sew coasters from The Studio. Again, this is a quick and easy project where you can match your home colors or choose a pop of color. These would also be great as housewarming or Christmas gifts (tis’ the season right?). Four yarn paintings on mantle with round mirror
  10. Paint with yarn! This is a great way to be creative with your extra yarn scraps and create cute art for your home. Grab a canvas or two, trace out your design, and get gluing. If you’re looking to be a little more impulsive and go with the flow, skip the design stage and go right for the gluing down of the art. Here’s some inspiration from FernMakes

Thanks for sticking with me through all these different projects. These are really only a few of your options, and if you know how to crochet or knit there’s even more projects to be made with your extra yarn! 

We’d love to see what you make, whether it’s in-store during our open art time, a class, or at your home. Send us a picture or tag us on social media at @crafttheorylakewood or #crafttheorylakewood. 

And as always, remember that Art Is An Experiment. 

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