Ten frame with clouds

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Ten frame with clouds
Ten frame with clouds
Ten frame with clouds
Ten frames are a fun and beautiful way to learn to count 1-10. This super fun twist using the clouds and raindrops adds a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of intuitive learning. The clouds increase in color intensity as the number grows, intuitively telling the kids there should be more raindrops.

💧Learn to count
💧Develop number sense
💧Develop fine motor skills
💧Learn even and odd numbers
💧Compare two numbers and find which is bigger and which is smaller

So many fun things to do!!

Material: The ten frame is made of hardwood maple ~7"x3". The cloud inserts are made of aspen ~ 1.5x2" and printed with nontoxic CMYK ink.
Balls are made of 100% wool and ~0.75" diameter

Not for kids under age 3, due to choking hazard.

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