Pastel Rabbit

A Painting with a standing rabbit holding a pussy-willow

About this experience

You love a cute Rabbit? So do we! Join us at Craft Thoery for our Pastel Rabbit painting class!

Jump into the Easter spirit with our Pastel Rabbit and have it to show for many Wasters after! Bring a friends or family member to join you for this great painting.

This is an intermediate level painting and we suggest having prior painting excperiance before taking this class. It involves techniques such as blending, overylaying, and some freehand drawing. This is a 11x14 inch canvas and it should take 3 hours to complete. An instructor will be available to assist and guide you through each step of the painting.

Don't forget to leave some time to check out our retail area - we showcase over 40 local artists and makers! Grab a DIY kit to take home, a great smelling candle, or a pair of earrings to gift! We're so excited to welcome you in :)