Middle Homeschool Art Program




1h 30min


Offered Wednesdays for 6 weeks

About this experience

Welcome to Homeschool Art with Craft Theory! Each session is 6 weeks long and will cover three different artists and their work. We'll learn about the artists themselves as well as their artistic expression methods. Students will have a chance to try out each technique and method at an age appropriate level. Each session will also focus on one or more art principles. 

The middle level is geared towards students ages 11-14 (grades 5th-8th), however we do allow for some overlap with both the elementary and high levels. Students under 10 are required to have adult supervision at all times. We have a small coffee area that you are welcome to sit in.

We are limitings to 12 students per session at this time to allow for social distancing. We also follow any and all CDC, Washington State, and Pierce County masking regulations in affect.