Craft Sacked

Are you up for this creative competition?? Three lighting rounds for a big prize!


$5.00 – $50.00



About this experience

You've been sacked! The exact words you don't want to hear in this three round speed crafting contest. 12 lucky teens will have the chance to win the grand prize - those who don't move on get craft sacked. In each round you'll have to use mystery items to create your themed project, but don't worry there's also a fully stocked craft closet with items to help you complete your task. Three local celebrity judges will be watching your every move as host Meredith Russell from Craft Theory visits each contestent. Don't let them catch you sweating or you might get craft sacked! Spectators are allowed, but will be kept to a minimum due to COVID-19 precautions. This will be a filmed and photographed event and each participant will be required to sign a photography waiver. We are limiting the November round to teens 12-16 years old. We will be having an adult round January 15, 2022.