Vendor FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions 

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Craft Theory's retail location. We know you have questions and that’s totally okay! Please read the below for our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered below, we are always available at and will get back to you within 2 business days.

What is a creative studio and what is Craft Theory’s vision?

When we look at the vision for Craft Theory’s space, what we see is a creative community. One that supports artists of all walks of life and brings creative inspiration to the people of Lakewood, WA and the surrounding areas. We plan to do this in a multi-faceted way including:

  • A creative studio that will hold classes using both Craft Theory instructors and guest instructors. We have classes for teens, 21+ only, mommy+me, and STEAM events geared towards elementary/middle schoolers
  • A retail space for local artists 
  • Creative coworking during business hours where people can enjoy the sights and sounds of art while they tackle business or life problems
  • Food and drinks including beer and hard seltzer available for patrons to purchase. 


What are the consignment and booth rental fees? 

In an effort to make the arrangement beneficial to both the vendor and the creative studio at Craft Theory we will be using a both a Store Fee ($50, $100, or $150 monthly) and a commission percentage of 20%. We are doing this because of our previous experience with vending and having both store booths and items on consignment. 


With only a booth fee the store owner gets their money upfront and has no real incentive to market your items. Booth fees and also be quite prohibitive to new/smaller sellers. With only a commission fee (usually around 35-50%), the store has a great incentive to sell your items, but also takes a great portion of your sales. We feel that this arrangement will be the best of both worlds.


What will the store fee and commission fee go towards?

The store fee will be used to pay for cleaning and maintenance of the sales floor and merchandise, display and furniture purchase and upkeep, packaging items like bags, boxes, tissue paper, and shipping supplies. 


The commission fee will go towards marketing, employee costs, and website maintenance.


If there are no booths, how will products be priced and displayed?

Craft Theory will be using a digital inventory system to price and keep track of each vendors items. We will be using this system to create barcodes for your products. This will help customers feel a cohesion throughout the store and make it easier for Craft Theory employees to complete sales transactions. This will also allow Craft Theory vendors to see an itemized list of what they have sold each month, and what items are still in store. 


Displays and visual merchandising will be conducted solely at Craft Theory’s discretion. Vendors are always welcome to provide input on fixtures and displays, however ultimate decisions will be up to Craft Theory. This will allow us to keep the displays fresh for customers as well as create collections which make shopping easier.


Where is your location and what are your expectations regarding customer flow? 

We are currently looking at a space in Lakewood, WA off of Gravely Lake Drive. We expect to be hosting about 4 classes per week as well as offering normal retail hours. The location is in a business plaza that includes a children’s consignment store, a bakery, a gym, a barber shop, and several other businesses. We don’t have specific numbers on customer flow at this time, but will update this section and our vendors as soon as we have better estimates. 


Is there customer walk in opportunity or is it classes and artists only?

There will be both walk-in opportunities for customers as well as marketed classes and events. Our hours are currently Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-2pm, and Monday Closed.


How does craft theory handle shoplifting/missing merchandise? 

We will be installing a security system and cameras in the Craft Theory creative studio and will prosecute any shoplifters in accordance with Washington State laws. Craft Theory will conduct a whole store inventory no less than quarterly. Items damaged or missing due to theft will be paid out to the vendor at a whole sale price (50% of the regular price). Craft Theory encourages, but does not require, vendors to purchase and carry their own vendor insurance. This is entirely at the vendor’s discretion.


That being said, we will not allow vendors to remove items from the Craft Theory sales floor without an exit inventory being conducted by Craft Theory management. Vendors who remove items without the exit inventory will forfeit any compensation for damaged or missing items.


Will you have seasonal merchandise?

We do anticipate vendors bringing seasonal merchandise. Per our policies, seasonal items are allowed, but are subject to a 25% off sale the week prior to the holiday. If items are left after the holiday they will be removed from the Craft Theory sales floor within 3 days of the holiday, and vendors will be expected to pick up their items within 7 days of removal from the sales floor (10 days after the holiday).  We have included a seasonal calendar with our vendor contract so you can review anticipated sales and removal time periods.


Again, please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions we can help answer. Our goal is for this space to feel very inclusive and bring together and lift up the local creative community. Contact us at