Beginner's Fluid Painting Class

Includes paint pouring, color mixing, and mess making!

About this experience

Try your hand at acrylic fluid painting with this beginners class. Choose colors, mix your paint, and tilt your canvas to get a wonderful abstract design.

This class is great for those not traditionally known as artistic or who have a hard time holding a paint brush. We'll do one small painting to get the hang of the process, and then a larger 10"x10" painting that is perfect for hanging on the wall. You have the option of leaving the painting in the studio to dry for about 3 days or taking it home immediately. If you opt to take it home, you'll be provided with a box and drying instructions.

Best for ages 5-99. Children under 10 are required to have an adult present at all times, although they do not have to participate in the class. We have a great coffee bar where you can grab a snack and relax while your child participates. Of course, we would love to teach you as well! Class runs about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on number of participants.