Meredith Russell, Recipient of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2023

Meredith Russell

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It is with great excitement and humble honor that I can announce that I was voted in as Entrepreneur of the Year with Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. The ceremony took place at the Tacoma Country Club during the 51st Annual Meeting and Installation. 

Meredith Russell holding her Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, 2023.

There were several other awards given and members celebrated during the meeting as well. First to be mentioned were the annual sponsors, chamber ambassadors, and board members. 

Second, the Lakewood  Chamber recognized outstanding members voted as the “Best of the Best” by their peers. The winners in each category are as follows:

Best Restaurant: Bruno’s European Restaurant
Best Retailer: AA Meats
Best Service Business: Veterans Roofing
Best Public Servant: John Caulfield, City Manager, City of Lakewood
Best Entrepreneur, Meredith Russell, Craft Theory
Business of the Year, Elwis Johnson, Johnson Wealth Advisors

And lastly the newly installed Board and Officers were sworn in:

Chair of the Board: Tammy Faelnar, AA Meats
Vice Chair: Mike Larson, Compass Team at Harold Allen
Treasurer: Hailey Wheeler, Heritage Bank
Secretary: Trudy Cofchin, LeMay Family Collection
Past Chair: Tod Wolf, robi’s Lakewood Camera + The Print Refinery

When asked for a Quote, Sue Boguszewski, the Member Services Representative for the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce had this to say;

"Congratulations Meredith.  When I think about an entrepreneur I think of someone doing one particular thing, and doing it really well.  When I think of you I can't even count all the things you do really well.   A few words come to mind when I think of you - Amazing, Awesome, Friendly, Helpful, Artistic, Patriotic, Bold, Creative, Available, Approachable, Happy.  I know there are more, but that's a good start.  I have never heard you say NO, and you just make happy happen.  I can hear the wheels turning every time I'm around you. You can make the simplest of things seem like the best time ever.  I'm so grateful that you are an Ambassador for the Lakewood Chamber, because you shine wherever you go, and make everyone else shine too.  To make people happy is truly a gift, and you are the best gift giver ever. "

I was blown away by her kind sentiments, and by the award being presented at all. I promise to do my absolute best to live up to the person that Sue and the other Chamber members see. 

Thank you to each person who voted for me, everyone who has supported Craft Theory in any way over the past few years, and most of all to my family who puts up with me talking about nothing but the business. 

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